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Orthotics & Computerized Gait Scan

Keswick & Sutton’s Choice for Relief From Fallen Arches, Heel Pain & More

Fallen arches, bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, arch and heel pain can all be a real pain in the foot! The slightest misalignments of muscles and bones in your feet can result in a great deal of discomfort and pain all over your body, making daily tasks such as walking and running especially difficult. Come visit our chiropodist at our clinic in Keswick or Sutton to get fitted for your very own custom orthotics.

GaitScan™: Truly Custom Orthotics

At Keswick and Sutton Physiotherapy Clinics, we use a computerized technology called GaitScan to evaluate your foot’s biomechanics. This dynamic 3D scan assesses pressure points in your feet during standing and walking, allowing us to create custom orthotics. Custom orthotics on your feet are much like glasses on your eyes – reducing stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back to proper alignment.

Come in and talk to our chiropodist today! We will assess your feet to determine if custom orthotics are the right fit for you. We will also provide any referrals, paperwork or biomechanical assessments needed for your insurance company.

Have Questions?

Browse through our FAQ page to get answers or simply visit us to know more.

Highly Recommended

“Greatest people there. So knowledgeable and friendly. They got me from not being able to put my socks on from a back injury to completing a full Ironman successfully. Highly recommended.”

- Brenda S.

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