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Massage Therapy With an RMT in Keswick & Sutton

Recharge your mind, body and soul with a rejuvenating massage from Keswick and Sutton Physiotherapy Clinics. Whether you are seeking massage therapy for relaxation purposes or you are addressing a specific complaint, such as chronic pain or limited mobility, we have several massage options to suit your needs.

We offer 30, 45 and 60-minute treatments and have both male and female registered massage therapists. Massage is available at both our Keswick and Sutton clinics. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


Massage therapy involves the manipulation of muscles, skin and connective tissues using a variety of techniques to soothe overworked muscles, breakdown scar tissue, promote circulation, increase muscle and joint flexibility and encourage relaxation.


At Keswick and Sutton Physiotherapy Clinics, all of our massages are performed by registered massage therapists who have completed an intensive training program as well as a provincial exam. They are all registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, allowing you to claim our services through your extended health insurance. Our therapists are highly skilled and have experience treating individuals suffering from issues relating to car accidents, work-related injuries and more.

We Offer Direct Billing

Depending on your insurance plan and coverage, all or a portion of the costs associated with your registered massage therapy session may be covered. We submit forms on your behalf to most major insurance companies, allowing for a more relaxing experience.

Chiropractic Service for Improved Mobility, Body Functions and Health

A chiropractor can help you with neuromuscular conditions and the associated mobility issues.

I Cannot Say Enough Good Things About My Experience With Keswick Physiotherapy And Sports Injury Clinic.

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Keswick physiotherapy and sports injury clinic. I had a traumatic injury in February 2020 to my leg that left me non-weight bearing for two months. By the time I contacted this clinic I had significant muscle wasting and very limited range of motion to my knee. My physiotherapist, Farah, had to build me back together again from what I thought at the time would be a life altering injury. With her caring demeanour and consistent encouragement I felt safe to push myself even via Telehealth. I have been able to regain most of my strength, mobility, and range of motion in a short period of time because of Farah’s knowledge and consistency with support pushing the next step in recovery. My experience only became more positive when clinics opened and I was able to have hands on treatment. PT Amir and all the staff at Keswick Physiotherapy are amazing, caring, competent, and encouraging. These staff have changed my life. What could have been a debilitating injury with life long effects is now just something I have lived though and will overcome.”

- Hallene W.

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